"User guide"

This is the user guide for "Alice's Warped Wonderland".
Here you can read about the basics of playing the game, as well as about different features of the app.

You can transfer game data using a [Nightmare ID].
You can register a Nightmare ID through the app, and your game is linked once the ID is created.

By using your Nightmare ID on your new device, you can transfer your game data to your new device.

You can also use your Nightmare ID to restore game data.
You can restore your game data when your device breaks, or if you accidentally delete the app from your phone.

It is recommended you register your ID from the start.

  • Data will be restored from the last time you played with a network connection.
  • Turning the page
    Touch the screen anywhere while the spade cursor is showing.
  • Choice buttons
    Touch the button.
  • Open menu
    Touch the MENU button on the top of the screen.
  • Skip parts that you have already read
    Flick the screen from top to bottom.
    A confirmation message will be displayed. Touch yes.
  • Save
    This game saves automatically.
    It saves once per page.
    (You can also save manually using the available slots)
  • Backlog
    Touch <BACK LOG> in the menu screen.
[Auto save]

This game uses autosave and saves automatically each page.
If you want to load save data, press <Game Start> in the top menu.

  • Autosave data is constantly overwritten. Please take care when playing the game through anything other than the <Game Start> button.
[Save slots]

You can save at any point you'd like.
(This is separate from the autosave data. You can not overwrite autosave data with slot save data.)

If you save at points with choices, you can easily go back and try another choice.
You can also use it as a bookmark to mark your favorite scenes.

  • You need [Scarlet Feathers] to read parts you have already read as well, so please take care.
  • How to slot save
    You can save from <SAVE> on the menu screen.
  • How to load a slot
    Either from <Load> on the main menu screen, or from <LOAD> on the menu screen, choose a slot to load.

You can read the backlog to read the parts you have just been reading.

You can open it through the <BACK LOG> button in the menu screen.

In "Alice's Warped Wonderland: Encore", you use [Scarlet Feathers] to progress the story.

To get the True End, with no detours at all, you need 58 feathers. To see all the endings and choices, you will need 87 feathers in all.

  • Even to read a part you have read already, you will need the same amount of [Scarlet Feathers] to read it again. If you want to reread parts, you will need more feathers.
<How to obtain [Scarlet Feathers]>
[Daily present at 4 AM]

4 [Scarlet Feathers] will be given out at 4AM to your pocket.
They won't be stacked to the next day, so be sure to use them up every day!

[Purchase at the shop]

You can also buy [Scarlet Feathers] in the shop.
You will need to pay to obtain feathers this way, so please consider carefully.
If you are on an allowance, please obtain the understanding of your guardian.

<Difference between your pocket and stock>

There are two spots to store your feathers.


You can store up to 4 feathers in your pocket.
4 [Scarlet Feathers] will be presented every day at 4 AM, but only 4 feathers can be stored in your pocket at one time.
Any that flows over will disappear, so be sure to use them up every day!


You can store feathers without any limits here.
Any feathers bought from the store go here.
Once your pocket runs out of feathers, you can directly use the feathers in your stock.

  • Please note that the daily present of feathers won't go to your stock!

A strange feather that doesn't disappear even when you use it.
A super item that lets you read the story in one go without being interrupted from running out of feathers.
If you want to read the story again and again, we recommend the [Phoenix Feather]!

<How to obtain [Phoenix Feather]>
[Purchase at the shop]

You can obtain a Phoenix Feather by buying a [Platinum Pack].
You will need to pay to obtain it so please consider carefully before buying.
If you are on an allowance, please obtain the understanding of your guardian.

It is special content that is unlocked with the item [Curtain Call Invitation].
The script was all written out by the original script writer!
You can enjoy the world of "Alice's Warped Wonderland" in a different light.

  • Additional episode
  • Character column
  • Character commentary

An invitation that lets you see content from <Curtain Call>.

<How to obtain a [Curtain Call Invitation]>
[Purchase at the shop]

You can buy a [Curtain Call Invitation] in the shop.
You will need to pay to obtain it so please consider carefully before buying.
If you are on an allowance, please obtain the understanding of your guardian.

A special pack with both a Phoenix Feather and a Curtain Call Invitation.
With this pack, you can enjoy both the main story and Curtain Call to your heart's content.

If you find "Alice's Warped Wonderland: Encore" to your liking, please consider buying the Platinum Pack at a early timing.

<How to obtain a [Platinum Pack]>
[Purchase at the shop]

You can buy a [Platinum Pack] in the shop.
You will need to pay to obtain it so please consider carefully before buying.
If you are on an allowance, please obtain the understanding of your guardian.

You can go to the chapter list from the <Chapter> button in the main menu.
By pressing each chapter, you can progress to the flowchart for that chapter.

What you can do with the flowchart
  • You can check what parts are read and unread
  • You can jump to a scene that you've already read
    • You will need Scarlet Feathers just as you did on your first read.

When a choice appears within the game, you can make a choice by touching it.
To try a different choice, either play again, use a slot save, or jump to a chapter.

  • You will need Scarlet Feathers just as you did on your first read.

The Grass Roots Word-of-Mouth Project is a project to show our gratitude as well as a casual attempt to spread word about the game.

It's very easy to join the project!
Go to the <Grass Roots Word-of-Mouth Project> page through the Main Menu on the top right of the screen, and report your activity through the <Report Form>!

You can rank up and receive premium images as presents depending on the number of reports!
Please consider joining!

How to join
the Grass Roots Word-of-Mouth Project
- Report your activity

Please use the form to report what sort of activity you did to spread the word about the game.
It doesn't matter what you did. If you feel what you did helped spread word about the game, that works!

  • "I wrote a review for the app!"
  • "I tweeted on Twitter about the game!"
  • "I let my friend know that I'm playing the game Alice's Warped Wonderland!"
  • "I brought up Alice's Warped Wonderland during dinner today!"
  • "I wrote in my diary about how I think Mr. Takemura is the coolest."
  • "I didn't have anyone to talk to, so I told my cat about the game!"
  • "I looked up Alice's Warped Wonderland and looked through some fan sites!"

It is more than enough that you took a moment to think about Alice's Warped Wonderland today.
Don't take it too seriously!

- One transmission per day

You can report 5 activities per transmission, but you can only send it once per day.
We can't respond to these reports, so if you have an important message or a question, please use the comment form.

- Take it lightly!

We are taking this lightheartedly, so it's designed lightly as well.
We hope you can have fun with it as well!

- You can report more than 50 activities.

The premium pictures are only up to 5 (for 50 reports), but you can continue to make reports past that.
You can still choose the smaller bonuses even after 50 reports, every 10 reports.
You can enjoy some variation that way.

- Conditions to obtaining premium pictures
  • Premium picture 1
    10 Grass Roots Word-of-Mouth reports
  • Premium picture 2
    A Phoenix Feather and 20 Grass Roots Word-of-Mouth reports
  • Premium picture 3
    A Phoenix Feather and 30 Grass Roots Word-of-Mouth reports
  • Premium picture 4
    A Phoenix Feather and 40 Grass Roots Word-of-Mouth reports
  • Premium picture 5
    A Phoenix Feather and 50 Grass Roots Word-of-Mouth reports
  • You will also rank up each time you receive a premium picture!
    You can also receive a small bonus at 50 reports…!
  • You can download the premium pictures through the Gallery.

We have a FAQ, so please check it before sending in a question.

If your problem isn't solved from this FAQ, please go to the main menu on your app, then open the Options menu on the bottom right then press [Inquiry]. Please report your problem there.

  • By reporting your problem through the app, we can pinpoint your game data.

However, please understand we can't answer questions about the game content.

We also have a form for opinions and reviews at the bottom of the support page, so please do consider sending us a message there!