"Curtain Call"

Below are introductions to the contents of [Curtain Call].

  • To our customers who have purchased the Full story

    To the customer who purchased the Full story in former "Alice's warped wonderland" (older than ver.3.0.0), only Phoenix feather has been delivered.
    To see the additional content "Curtain Call", you need to purchase "Curtain Call invitation" separately.
    ("Platina pack" is shown as "not available" at the shop to avoid double purchase of Phoenix feather", but the Curtain call is not granted.)

Additional episode

A new written out episode that you can only read here!
"Alice's Warped Wonderland" narrated from a different point view. What are their feelings for Alice…?

[The Outsider in the Land of Memories]

Afterwards, Uncle Shohei took in Ariko (Alice) as her guardian.
One day, waking up in a sunset classroom, a strange man calling himself the Cheshire Cat tells him to chase Alice…
An Uncle episode with satisfying volume!

[After Tea Party]

The Hatter and Dormouse look on as Alice scurries through the red pipe.
A slice of time from the Dormouse's point of view.

Character column

The cast all with their unique and vibrant personalities bring to you a mini character theatre skit.
A lively skit with laughs, breakdowns, and even freakouts!
Admist it all, you may get to hear some behind the scenes fun facts about the development…

Character commentary

A character introduction corner by the original writer.

■Character commentary

Character commentary written by the script writer, rather on a whim.
From the main character Alice to rare denizens that don't even have a picture, there is commentary for a grand total of 29 characters.
You may just be able to step a foot further into the world of Warped Wonderland!

■Character images

You can gaze upon the images of the characters of "Alice's Warped Wonderland: Encore" to your heart's content.

You can also see the "real faces" of the characters that were hidden in the main game!

Better looking than expected? Cute? Different from their personality?
See for yourselves!

  • Some characters don't have images, or don't have full-bodied images. We hope you understand.