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Frequent questions and answers

I bought the Full Story in former "Alice's warped wonderland" (older than ver.3.0.0). Should I just purchase the Curtain Call invitation?

The Full Story has the same function as Phoenix Feather.
Please just purchase the Curtain Call invitation separately.

The loading screen says "Failed to acquire list of game files." and won't load the game.

Please exit any other open apps, and ensure that your device has at least 1G of free storage.
After that, in a stable network environment (preferably Wi-Fi), please re-download the data by pressing the [Re-download] button in the Options menu (cog icon) at the bottom right of the main menu.

The [Scarlet Feathers] haven't been replenished at 4 AM.

[Scarlet Feathers] are replenished when you return to the main menu screen.
If you pass 4 AM while playing the game, please follow the message and return to the main menu to obtain the feathers.

My feathers aren't increasing past 4 although it has been a few days.

The 4 [Scarlet Feathers] that you receive every day goes to your pocket.
You can only hold up to 4 feathers in your pocket. Any that goes over will disappear. (They will not go to your stock)
You should use up the feathers in your pocket every day.

My feathers aren't being replenished even when I go to the main menu.

Feathers cannot be replenished unless there is internet access.
Please retry with a network connection.
If the feathers still aren't replenished, please try restarting your phone.
(For iPhones, please force quit your running "Alice's Warped Wonderland" app.)

It seems that loading is not progressing.

Loading screen will appear when you start the game.
It may take 10 to 20 minutes depends on network condition however, if you can see a rotating card and jumping character on that page, the loading is progressing normally. Please wait for a while.

Tap OK button which appears when the loading has ended.
If the loading has stuck on its way, please restart your device.

Connection error occurs.

Please confirm network condition, and retry under stabled condition.
If possible, we recommend to connect with Wi-Fi.

Can I play this game with offline?

As long as you have feathers, you can play the game offline.
However, you need internet access to replenish feathers or to buy items.

How do I transfer my play data to the new device?

Please prepare the game data on your old phone for transfer. Then you can transfer the data on your new device.


  1. Register a Nightmare ID on your old device.
  2. Switch devices.
  3. On your new device, install "Alice's Warped Wonderland: Encore".
  4. Transfer data using your Nightmare ID.
    *Note: See here regarding Nightmare IDs.

Where can I change the sound volume?

Please operate your device to change the volume.
There are button at the side on most devices.

How do I perform backup using my GoogleID (iCloud/iTunes)?

This is a feature only available on the Japanese version. We apologise for the inconvenience.

If your problem isn't solved from this FAQ, please go to the main menu on your app, then open the Options menu on the bottom right then press [Inquiry]. Please report your problem there.

  • By reporting your problem through the app, we can pinpoint your game data.