"Welcome back, Our Alice."

At sunset, a young girl named Ariko Katsuragi awakens inside a classroom.
A mysterious hooded man stands before her.
Calling himself the Cheshire Cat, the man addresses a stunned Ariko:

"Now Alice, let's chase the White Rabbit."

A world free of humans, filled with strange creatures and odd denizens.
Guided by the Cheshire Cat, Ariko—or "Alice"—pursues the White Rabbit.
What awaits her at the end of her journey?

From tragedy, new tragedy will be born...

A twisted tale in Wonderland awaits.

Nightmare STUDIO brings fans a familiar yet new tale of mystery, terror, and intrigue! Alice's adventures in Wonderland take a horrific turn in this visual novel game, and offer players a distinct Japanese taste of horror. With multiple forks in the road as well as a variety of endings for you to discover, the thrills, chills, and surprises are endless! Save and play anytime, anywhere!

Alice (Ariko Katsuragi)

A quiet girl with a tendency to daydream. She lives alone with her mother, which has made her very independent and self-reliant for a girl her age. After the Cheshire Cat appears before her, she is forced to chase after the White Rabbit.

Cheshire Cat

An odd...person whom Alice encounters at her school during sunset. His hood covers his eyes and he is always smiling. Serves as a guide to Alice.

White Rabbit

A white rabbit that appears wherever Alice happens to be, only to vanish like a mirage. At times, the mysterious white rabbit will mutter incoherently or assume an incorporeal form.


A childhood friend and classmate of Ariko. She is very friendly and has a tendency to worry about Ariko.


A blood-soaked woman whose face is wrapped in bandages. She hunts Alice, and seems to harbor intense hatred toward her.